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The road to sustainability

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At ABN AMRO Lease, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. We actively look to support businesses with a sustainable focus. We provide a broad range of flexible funding solutions that support your shift to sustainability. We're in it together, helping to create a stable economy and a sustainable society.

Why now?

These days sustainability is increasingly on the boardroom agenda. It’s become part of what society expects from businesses. You are no exception. You have to adapt. To innovate. If you’re not engaged in sustainability, you may risk being on the side-lines in a few years.

Leasing can play a part here. It opens up space for you to make an immediate and tangible investment, without a huge capital outlay, in green initiatives.

Growth potential

Sustainability is becoming mainstream - part of the economy and part of business culture. Laws and regulations are changing and the growth potential in this market is enormous. According to KPMG, sustainable investing is on the rise. And, as your financial wingman, we can support you in your journey towards sustainability. Stay competitive in a fast-changing world.

Are you ready for the transition?

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